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Why is Copper Good for Pipes?

Why is copper good for pipes?

Whenever you deal with plumbing issues, you often hear experts and professionals say, “What you need is a good set of copper pipes.” A quick check-up by your local piping experts will let you know whether or not you’ve got a good set of copper pipes running through your home. If you do, then your home is likely well-equipped to handle any kind of future plumbing mishap. If you don’t, you can rely on your Los Angeles copper repiping experts to upgrade your home’s inner workings. But all of this begs the question: why is copper good for pipes?

What is so good about that metal that it is the preferred material for pipes? Not only is copper great for electric wires, but it is the best material to use for water pipes too. This is for several reasons, including the fact that copper is rust-proof and does not come with any toxic chemicals.

Below, our Nautilus Plumbing pros will tell you everything you need to know about copper pipes and why they’re the best.

Copper Can Bend

Copper is good for pipes as it is far more malleable than many other metals. This means it can be bent, folded, or shaped into whatever type of pipe needs to be made. Bending copper pipes does not destroy the pipe’s structural strength. Nor does it cause any cracks or breaks in the copper. Of course, any significant amount of stress will break copper. Just as it will break anything, but aside from abnormal wear and tear, copper is incredibly durable to this effect.

Copper Resists Corrosion and Rust

Rust is one of the top concerns that plumbers have when deciding what kind of pipes to install under your home. When it comes to water pipes, it is naturally a good idea to have something that can resist rust. Otherwise, the pipes will only last for a very short time and will have to be replaced. This causes a lot of wasted time and money.

Copper cannot rust because it does not contain iron. It is also very difficult to corrode. While it is technically possible for copper to corrode, it takes a lot more to corrode a copper pipe than it does with other types of metals. This is why copper pipes can last for decades on end.

Copper is Non-Toxic

EWG recommends copper pipes, as copper will not leak chemicals into your water supply. Your water will not be at risk of gaining harmful chemicals or substances that can cause health problems. In the past, pipes were made of lead, and other poisonous metals that actually caused a major health crisis in the U.S. Now that lead has been banned, it’s a good thing that research has found copper to be a much more suitable material for safe water pipes.

Copper Kills Harmful Bacteria

Not only will copper not allow any harmful chemicals to be leeched into your water system but along the way, it also kills harmful bacteria. Yet another reason copper is good for pipes. Copper is an antimicrobial material that immediately kills viruses, bacteria strains, and harmful microbes the second they come in contact with the metal. Not only will it keep harmful substances out of your water. But it lowers the risk of the spread of illness altogether.

Get Copper Pipes for Your Home ASAP

Whether or not you already have copper water pipes installed in your home, there is no denying the superiority of the advantages they bring. Replacing your older iron or aluminum pipes with copper has never been easier. It is something that you should consider essential to your overall health and well-being – not to mention the overall function of your home! Save time, money, and illness by investing in copper repiping services. Give your local plumber in Los Angeles a call at (888) 200-5780 to schedule a consultation!

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