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What Causes Drain Clogs? Understanding The Messy Details


Plenty of our Los Angeles clients ask this question, and the reality is that there are a number of things clogging your drains. Everything from excess waste to toilet paper, even household kitchen cleanser is disrupting your home’s plumbing system. However, there are a few common reasons why your drains are backed up. In the event of a drain clog that will not dissolve, call your local plumber for drain cleaning and repair service.

Common Causes Of Drain Clogs

Before you take matters into your own hands, be prepared to get dirty but first, understand what the cause is for your drain clog. This should help you make a decision about whether or not you can manage the repair costs and maintenance.

Solid Build Up

We know you do not try to flush everything down the drain, but there is a possibility that others are forcing solid materials down your healthy drains. Grease, hair, sanitary wipes, disposable diapers, and garbage too large for the drain tends to cause drain blockage, and the more often it is done is the more likely you are to have a chronic drain block. Cover up your drains with a fine mesh material to prevent these items from entering the drain system.

Structural Damage

Sometimes we think our plumbing can handle anything, but when it comes to structural damage to the pipes you could have a problem that prohibits free-flowing water that requires immediate attention. Structural damage to pipe systems may include pipe collapses, cracks, holes, misaligned pipes, sagging pipes, and more leading to your drain clog. It will help to have Nautilus Plumbing to check up on the pipe drains to determine if they are experiencing these issues and one of our plumbing technicians can recommend repairs and replacement to prevent drain clogs.

Tree Roots

In the busier part of Los Angeles, we know that trees are rare, but in the surrounding residential neighborhoods, it is common for pipes to become blocked with tree roots. Tree roots can cause cracks in the pipes and spread to large scale damage over time. The best solution to prevent this from clogging your pipes is to cut away tree roots occasionally that are near your drain pipes. Our experts in drain maintenance can help you determine if tree roots are a problem for your plumbing system.

Should I Just Use A Drain Cleaner?

Every clog is different and cannot always be repaired with pouring bleach or generic drain cleaners down the drain. A drain cleaner may not work at all in some cases since all it will do is absorb parts of the clog and leave the larger remnants behind to cause another drain back up in the future. Aside from working at the very minimum, chemical drain cleaners are also known to corrode pipes and cause damage to various materials in your kitchen and bathroom. Only an experienced professional sewer and drain technician can apply a custom solution to resolve the clog.

By applying a specific approach with a wide range of certified techniques Nautilus Plumbing can clear up your clogged drains without causing damage to your plumbing system. Call now and ask one of our drain cleaning and repair experts to inspect your home’s drain system today.