What Causes Slow Drains?

Water Dripping From a Tap

Have you been noticing that your sink, shower, or bath is not draining as quickly as it once did? While initial an inconvenience, you will be pleased to hear that slow drains are simple to fix once you know what is causing it and that there are even some preventative measures you can take to avoid them all together. For information from the expert plumbing contractor in Los Angeles, contact Nautilus today.


Perhaps one of the most common causes of slow drains is caked-on debris. Since a lot of debris passes through each of your drains (i.e. hair, skin flakes, dirt), it is not surprising that your drains can get blocked up, causing them to work slowly. Whether it is hair or other debris causing the drains to be clogged, there are a few preventative measures that you can take to ensure that built up debris is not a frequent problem.

• Regular hot water rinsings- Running a consistent stream of hot water down your drains can effectively combat any caked-on debris before they create a block. For the best results, completely a hot water rinsing on a weekly basis is recommended.

• Use a drain protector- This preventative method is especially helpful with hair clogging your drains. The drain protector is placed over the drain and catches the debris before it goes in. For the best results, clean the drain protector after each use so that it can work as effectively as possible.

Not Acting Fast Enough

At Nautilus, the resident plumbing contractor in Los Angeles, we cannot stress enough, the dangers of not acting fast regarding a slow drain. To avoid the hassle of a slow drain, make sure to plunge a drain the instant you notice that is it functioning slower than usual. This will help your drain function at its normal speed and stop small clogs from growing larger. To effectively clean out small build up from hair, built on oil, and other debris, using a plunger can help thoroughly suction and clear the drain for optimal use.

Using the Drain as a Trashcan

Another common cause of slow drains comes from misuse, specifically from using the drains as a trashcan. This can be anything from flushing a wet diaper wipe down the toilet to throwing away food in the sink (hoping your garbage disposal will take care of it). Since there are certain materials and items that the water cannot break down, it causes the drains to backup and hinder them from working properly. To avoid this, make sure to dispose of all feminine hygiene products, food scraps, and other small objects properly.

Broken Part

If you are repeatedly running into the problem of having slow drains and have tried all of the above methods, then it is possible that a part of the drain is malfunctioning or broken. Since a damaged or cracked piece is much more complex to assess and repair, it is important to speak with a plumbing contractor in Los Angeles to ensure that the issue is corrected appropriately. The experts at Nautilus offer a free estimate with an appointment and a 90-day warranty on all replacement parts so that you can have a successful and stress-free experience.

Plumbing Contractor in Los Angeles

Slow drains can already be a hassle and inconvenience in your life and attempting to accurately diagnosis the problem and troubleshoot a solution can add to it. Let our professionals at Nautilus take care of all your plumbing needs and drain issues for you. With a free estimate with your appointment, it will be the best call you make all week!

Tips on Saving Water at Home | Plumbing Contractor Los Angeles

Save Water with these Plumbing Tips

Save money in your pocket by reducing your household’s water usage while minimizing environmental footprint. This blog provides helpful plumbing tips on saving water today. If you are in need of saving water with a plumbing contractor in Los Angeles , contact the experts at Nautilus Plumbing .

Replace Standard Toilets

Identify the toilet model and year and consider these water-saving alternatives. Two such options include dual flush or low flow toilets. Dual flush toilets include a lower-flush option for liquid waste and a higher-flush option for solid waste. Low flow toilets use no more than 1.3 gallons of water per flush. Either option will significantly reduce water usage over standard toilets. If you’re note ready to replace your toilet, listen to your toilet when it is not running when not in use. A running toilet is often the first sign of leaking inside the tank, a plumbing problem that require attention to minimize plumbing damage to your home.

Replace the Faucet

Consider fixing or replacing standard faucets with low-flow substitutes or invest in aerator faucet. An aerator faucet is made of circular screened disks of metal that is screwed to faucet heads to reduce faucet overall flow. Not ready to replace your faucet? Be sure to make timely repairs on all leaky faucets, as well as sower and tub valves. Even single continuous drips add up to gallons of wasted water per week.

Replace Your Showerhead

A small change but changing your showerhead to a low-flow option can reduce wasted water each year. For example, trading out a standard showerhead for a low-flow model can save a family of four over 20,000 gallons of water per year.

Clear the Drains

Drains are often overlooked until they become clogged. Regularly check the drains to minimize clogged drains, which could contribute to property damage. For home maintenance, pour a cup of baking soda, followed by a cup of vinegar down your drain. This should be done on a monthly basis to unclog the pipes. As for the bathroom, the use of strainers in the bathtub and sink drain could keep excess hair and soap out of the linings of your pipes. Refrain from harmful chemicals when unclogging your pipes to reduce environmental footprint and damage to the pipes.

Locate Hidden Leaks

Water leaks are not always easy to spot. There are some that are hidden and require attention to detail to be found. Make it a habit to check the water meter before and after a specific period of time when the water is not in use. You can check water meter when no water is on inside or outside of your house. Locate your water meter and check the leak indicator to see if it is moving. If the dial in the meter is moving, then you have a leak. You can also take a meter reading and wait a few hours and take another meter reading. During this time, make sure no water is used. If the reading changes, there’s a leak.

Be Prepared

Once you’ve replaced old plumbing hardware with new ones, it’s a great time to look into getting repairs and any maintenance done. In doing so, skilled plumbers can alert you to any existing issues with the plumbing or advise you on the best ways to keep your new and improved bathroom in good condition. For help with any plumbing troubles or routine maintenance, contact the experts at Nautilus Plumbing.

Plumbing Contractor in Los Angeles

With over 50 years of plumbing experience as the premier plumbing service in Los Angeles, the knowledgeable plumbers at Nautilus Plumbing offer a wide variety of services all at affordable prices. Servicing the greater Los Angeles area, Nautilus Plumbing deliver top quality repairs and installations utilizing the most innovative technologies. For more information and a free in-home consultation and estimate, contact Nautilus Plumbing here or call (877) 999-1548.

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas| Professional Plumbers in Los Angeles

Plumbing Man

Today’s State of the Art Kitchen Elements

When thinking about building a state of the art kitchen, think appliances + technology + organization. You want to choose the latest, greatest developments in appliances, and put them into a high-tech kitchen that is designed to make the most of what the space has to offer. Here are some of the latest developments in kitchen design. Once you have your kitchen design plans set in stone, utilize the top professional plumbers in Los Angeles, Nautilus , for all of your plumbing needs .

Restaurant-style Cooktops

A cook’s dream stove includes induction burners, a griddle, a fryer, and a steamer. A full-length hood gets the ventilation job done, and today the hoods are being designed in both modern and vintage styles. With one of these cooktops, you will feel like a master chef every night.

Innovative Sinks

New sink designs are available in many attractive shapes and sizes. They have features such as offset drains, integrated cutting boards, hands-free faucets, and multi-level interiors. They will make washing the dishes your new favorite activity.

Dedicated Task Stations

Today’s kitchens are being designed for maximum efficiency, with dedicated task stations like a computer nook, coffee corner, a chopping station, a cleanup area, a kid zone, a guest zone, and even an eat-in serving counter. Basically, anything you can dream up, you can create a space for in your kitchen, which makes the space highly functional.

Updated Refrigeration

Most companies are releasing commercial-style all-refrigerator and all-freezer units for the home. There are beautiful glass door/ stainless interior options which have become very popular. Energy conservation has become front and center in the appliance industry, and many appliances will keep your food fresher longer while conserving energy.

Ageless Design

Today you can modify most appliances to accommodate any age or physical challenge. Raised dishwashers and hands-free faucets are just two of the innovations.

High Organization

There are many, many new developments in kitchen organization today. These include magic corners (which double the cabinet space in the corners of your kitchen,) pull-out pantries, spice organizers and waste bin and recycling organizers. No more messy kitchens with these innovations!

High Tech Gadgets

We are living in “the future,” of course, and there are many high-tech gadgets available to make your kitchen work for the 21st century. These include blenders run by computers, smart scales connected to smartphone apps, trash cans with sensors, and waterproof tablets. Here are some more high-tech ideas: Apps: There is an app for nearly everything these days, and that doesn’t exclude the kitchen. You can use apps to test when your food has gone bad, check nutrition facts, look up recipes, turn off appliances, and more. Smart-Home Kitchen Organization: If you are lucky enough to live in a smart home, you can take advantage of the many kitchen interface options. These can inventory your pantry, offer cooking tips, provide timers, turn off appliances, and more. They are simply controlled by a computer or mobile device. Computers in the Kitchen: While screens in the kitchen were once taboo, today it is becoming more common to find touch-screen computers in the kitchen. This is because they offer so much to the home cook. You can look up recipes, write a grocery list or actually order groceries, or watch tv on your screen while you cook. Computers really are a versatile addition to your kitchen.

Professional Plumbers in Los Angeles

Like the rest of home design, kitchen design is always evolving, especially keeping up with technology. Use these ideas to create the most up-to-date, state of the art kitchen for today’s home. For the most effective and state of the art plumbing services call on Nautilus plumbing to be your go-to plumbers. The premier, professional plumbers in Los Angeles, Nautilus takes pride in making customers feel at home, no matter the work.