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Emergency Plumbing

The Team to Call for Emergency Plumbing in Los Angeles, CA

A burst pipe, a broken water heater, a clogged sewer line. All of these situations can leave you panicking as you try to figure out what to do. With Nautilus Plumbing, the answer is easy. Call us for emergency plumbing service in Los Angeles, CA. Our team is at the ready 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to handle your urgent plumbing situations because we know problems rarely occur at convenient times. We’re available in the middle of the night, on the weekends, and even on holidays. Contact our team at any time, and we’ll be on our way to take care of your plumbing problems.

Why Los Angeles Needs an Emergency Plumber

It’s important for you to call an experienced plumber expert at the first sign of an urgent plumbing problem. Putting off the situation will not help anyone. Often, plumbing issues cause water leaks or worse, and if left unaddressed, they could lead to extensive damage to walls, floors, or furniture. This means even more money out of your pocket as you’re forced to repair the additional damage that occurred. Damp building materials like drywall and flooring, are also the perfect place for mold to grow. The sooner we’re there to get the problem fixed, the quicker you can get the area cleaned up and dry.

When to Call an Emergency Plumber

It can be difficult to know what constitutes an emergency plumbing situation. Any seemingly urgent issue or if there is one you feel may cause damage to your home without attention is likely a reason to call our emergency service. If you’re unsure of what these problems look like, we’ve compiled a list of reasons you should call for immediate help:

  • Water Leak: Any time you have a water leak, it’s considered a problem, even if it doesn’t seem like very much water. The problem may have been occurring for a long time without your knowledge and may have already caused damage. Shut off the main water source to your home as quickly as you can to stop the leak. Then call us right away.
  • Burst Pipe: A broken pipe can create a panicky situation. As water gushes out into your home, it can be challenging to keep your cool and remember what to do. Don’t panic. The quicker you react, the less damage will be done. Shut off the water to your home immediately and call us. Then work to clean up any puddles.
  • Sewer Line Back-Up: This problem can create a swamp in your backyard, leading to unpleasant smells and even sewage leakage into your home. Call us right away, and do not use any toilets, sinks, or showers in your home until our professionals can get there.
  • Broken Hot Water Heater: A leaking water heater can create a big mess in your home and cause water damage. Shut off the water and call your plumber. If there is no leak, but the water heater isn’t producing hot water, that’s also a problem. Call us right away to diagnose the issue.
  • Clogged Toilet: If you only have one bathroom in your home, a clogged toilet is an emergency, as you can’t use it until it’s fixed. If you’ve tried using a plunger to no success, you likely need a professional to clean the drain. Call us right away to handle this urgent issue.

Contact Us Right Away for Emergency Service

At Nautilus Plumbing, we’re always at the ready to handle your plumbing emergencies. When disaster strikes, we’re the team to call. Contact us right away, and we’ll be there to handle your plumbing problem as soon as possible.

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