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Los Feliz Drain Cleaning & Repair

Cleaning clogged, rooted, or otherwise blocked drains in Los Feliz is our specialty. For more than 50 years, we have been providing this vital service to LA locals as the plumbing and drain specialists of choice in the Los Angeles community. Our five decades of experience, not just with drain cleaning and repair, but also with the area, make us the number one choice for anyone with a clogged drain. We can also fix things like cracked and breached drains.

Drainage problems can cost you money, harm the environment, and seriously ruin your day so it’s important to call us as soon as you think you might have a problem. We can give you a quick assessment and not only fix your problem, but we’ll make your pipes better than new and more resistant to damage in the future.

Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is something that you will eventually have to deal with in any home. Sinks and toilets are used every day, often several times a day, so it’s almost inevitable that you’re eventually going to run into a clog. Now, there are many solutions to clogs, depending upon the severity of the blockage.

For smaller issues a plunger or a chemical solution can be a temporary fix until you run into a clog or blockage that’s caught in a fixture trap, or is composed of material that won’t break down with store-bought chemicals. When this happens no plunger or chemical solution you can readily get your hands on is going to move or dissolve a clog made of something like congealed grease that’s bonded to the walls of your piping. That’s where we come in. When severe blockages make it impossible for you to clear the drain yourself, give us a call and we’ll get that stubborn clog out and get your toilet or sink back to its proper working order

Our licensed plumbers will be out to you in no time, and we will have your clogged drain fixed in short order. We know what a hassle it can be if something like your kitchen sink or (even worse) a frequently-used toilet becomes clogged, so we will work quickly to resolve the issue and get your pipes and plumbing back in proper working order. Also, make sure to check out our awesome drain and plumbing service specials to see if the work you need done qualifies for a discount.

If you are experiencing problems with a clogged or broken drain, or just a pesky leaking pipe, call us at (323) 629-4627 today. Our friendly and knowledgeable dispatchers can send a licensed, professional plumber to your business or residence for a quick and complete repair.

Drain Repair

In addition to clearing your drains, we also offer complete drain repair services. Everyone knows the inconvenience and mess that accompanies a sluggish drain. Even so, many people wait until the drain stops completely before they take corrective action. Call us before your problems get this bad. We promise it’ll save you time and money in the long run.

We provide emergency drain repair services for cracked and breached drain lines that will help you to avoid potentially larger problems in the future. Leaky and cracked drains waste water that ends up costing you money as well as damaging the environment. Stopping these leaks and mending damaged pipes is especially important in an area as drought-stricken as Los Feliz where summertime water allotments are low, and costs are high.

The environmental impact of these damaged and leaking drains can also be quite high. The wastewater carried away by your sewer and drain lines is never meant to be allowed to just seep into the ground. This kind of leakage can be extremely damaging (not to mention unpleasant) when it’s flowing into your lawn, as well as damaging to the overall environment as untreated wastewater is allowed to flow into natural bodies of water.

We know what a chore it can be to chase down a troublesome leak on your own. Call us today and let your drain problems be taken care of by industry-leading professionals, and get back to your life. Leave the plumbing troubles to us, and we guarantee you’ll join our growing number of extremely satisfied customers.

With more than 50 years experience, our plumbers can handle any drain problem and leave your place in great shape when the job is done. We pride ourselves on total customer care, from start to finish. Contact us today to see the difference hiring one of the highest rated plumbers in Los Feliz makes.

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