Top Bathtub Maintenance Tips

In order to avoid the buildup of bacteria in your bathroom, you need to keep your bathtub clean. Along with cleaning, regular bathtub maintenance will ensure that larger, more costly issues are avoided. Cleaning regularly and properly makes the job much easier as you will not have to deal with weeks or months of grime buildup. If you notice a crack in your tub it is important to fix it immediately so it does not cause bigger issues that will cost a lot to repair.

Proper Cleaning

Make sure you check your cleaners to make sure they are safe for your bathtub. You do not want to damage your tiles or tub with abrasive cleaners that are not meant for the job. Use non-abrasive cleaning products along with hot water and that should be all you need.

If you choose natural cleaning agents and deodorizers that will also keep your bathtub and bathroom cleaner and fresh for a longer period of time without causing any damage. Natural cleaners are less expensive to use and they are safer as well.

Cleaning the bathtub regularly will help to prevent mildew buildup as well as a bathtub ring which can be hard to remove once it is there. It is a good idea to do a deep clean of the bathtub once a week.A plumber in a blue work jumpsuit holding a red wrench

Bathtub Waxing

You can avoid damage to the tub by regularly applying a wax polish. This helps to ensure that water and residue is not staying around in places it should not. Using a wax polish also helps to seal small cracks until you are able to get them fixed.

You can use ordinary car wax on your tub but if you are uncomfortable with that idea, you can also get wax that is made specifically for bathroom fixtures.

Repair Cracks

Call a plumber if you have tiles or grout that are damaged so that a professional can assess it. Cracks in tiles can lead to the growth of mildew and it will cause serious illness if left unchecked. Once a year, check for loose or damaged tiles and seal them. This will ensure that water can’t get into the wall cavities and you will avoid damage that can be caused by water seeping in.

Caulk Is Your Friend

Silicone caulk will seal any possible problems to make sure nothing gets damaged. Inspect the caulk at transition points regularly (about once a year). You can expect caulk to last about five years.

Bathtub Doors

Sliding doors on bathtubs should be inspected regularly to make sure there is no water pooling in the mechanism building up bacteria and residue. If water is pooling then the drainage system may not be working properly and you will have to have it checked.

Checking the door regularly will help to make sure everything is clean and functioning properly. If you have a problem with water getting everywhere it will cost more to get things fixed so if there is a serious problem you should call a plumber for professional assistance.

Regular Use

In between your regular bathtub maintenance, there are things you can do to help prevent mildew and hard to remove soap scum and stains. After a bath or a shower, make sure everything has been rinsed down the drain so that there is no shampoo or soap left on the tub surface. You can also wipe your shower curtain or door with a dry towel to avoid any mildew buildup caused by excess moisture. Doing these simple things will make the weekly cleaning a less ardent task.

If you do notice some issues that you need a professional for, you can contact Nautilus Plumbing if you are in the Los Angeles area and the professionals can help get your tub in tip-top shape to prevent any damage to your home.