Common Plumbing Noises and What They Mean

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Plumbing systems aren’t meant to be completely quiet. It is relatively normal to hear your pipes creaking or making other noises from time to time. However, certain sounds indicate that you may have a more significant plumbing issue on your hands.

Nautilus Plumbing wants to make sure that you and your home are free of plumbing problems. We are here to provide you with the common plumbing sounds and what they may potentially mean. Ensure to listen in for these sounds and possibly avoid more issues in your home.


One common sound is when your drains gurgle after using them. Gurgling is typically indicative of a clog at some point in the pipe. Clogged pipes may not seem like a significant issue, especially when the water is still going down the drain. Yet you must contact a plumbing professional to help address the clog. There is no way to know how far back the clog is until someone explores your piping, a job that you should not take lightly.


When your plumbing makes a hissing sound, it typically means that the water pressure is too high. Water is shooting out of appliances faster, contributing to the hissing sound while also causing wear and tear on your machines. You can attempt adjusting the water pressure yourself, but you can also reach out to a plumbing professional to assist you.


If you flush the toilet and hear rattling afterward, it may potentially mean that you have loose piping. If your plumbing is loose, more significant issues can occur quickly. Make sure to contact a plumbing professional as promptly as possible to address the problem directly.

Nautilus Plumbing, are Los Angeles, CA plumbing pros who are ready to help you with any plumbing issue. If you hear any of these plumbing sounds or more, make sure to contact us ASAP! Give us a call at (323) 629-4627 or fill out an online contact form to set up an appointment to meet any of your plumbing needs.

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