Top Three Plumbing Troubles Hydro Jetting Can Repair

Summer is probably the most memorable season of the year. Everyone is outdoors and enjoying themselves with their closest family members and friends. However, having more guests over can increase strain on your plumbing system.

One of the worst damages a plumber Los Angeles is called for around this time of year is clogged pipes. A clogged up pipe can increase the risk of pipe bursts, water damage, and destructing sewage systems. Instead of counting on a store-bought drain cleaner liquid, technological advances in plumbing allow our plumbing contractors to get the job done without causing costly destruction to your home’s landscape. With hydro jetting Los Angeles treatment, your plumbing is cleared out swiftly with high-pressure water to vaporize stubborn debris. Today we will help you get to know the top three plumbing problems that hydro jetting is dependent on to fix.

Food Clogs

As we mentioned earlier, the biggest plumbing problem most people encounter this time of year is stubborn food clogs from their summer barbecues and holiday festivals at home. For these instances, hydro jetting is the clear solution to get rid of built-up food debris that is difficult to reach for an average, do-it-yourself drain cleaner. Hydro jetting can even blast away any pre-developed debris before major clogging causes an issue.


Scaling is an issue in a number of older model homes, which may not be going through current pipe clogging issues. This issue is unknown to most homeowners because most people do not realize the build-up of minerals and other deposits is occurring along the insides of plumbing pipes. Hydro jetting is a perfect solution when this issue is caught before minerals have a chance to build up heavily.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are one of the most ridiculous pipe clogging issues we treat with hydro jetting, especially in sewer pipes. This is an issue to your plumbing because everyday trees are looking for freshwater sources underground to help them thrive. The smallest hole in your plumbing is a gold mine for tree roots to feed off of, so they sneak in and eventually clog your pipes before expanding and causing combustion. As per a study conducted by UCLA, they revealed that homes in the valley near the Rocky Mountains were affected by tree root issues, despite the nearest trees residing over 2,500 feet away. Fortunately, we do not have to dig huge trenches to resolve this issue and hydro jetting clears out the hard to reach infiltrations underground without having to replace your pipes.

For professional high-pressured drain cleaning count on an expert plumber, Los Angeles has to offer. Contact us and schedule an appointment for top-rated hydro jetting Los Angeles clients to count on most. Give us a call and set u an appointment to clear out troubling summer clogs.

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