Residential Water Leak Detection Tips to Prevent High Water Bills

Plenty of Los Angeles homeowners are savvy enough to realize when there is a water leak. There are still numerous tell-all signs that people fail to pay attention to when their home’s plumbing is in jeopardy, such as increase payment in water bills, lawn damage, and in-home leaks. It is still difficult to spot some leaks, especially those out of plain sight. Fortunately, there are several leak detection methods that can help you find a leak in individual pipes or systems around your Los Angeles home.

Exposing Hidden Leaks

If you see a leak in your home or feel constant wet floors even after drying then these are pretty obvious signs of water leaks. They result in pouring water along walls, puddles in your bathroom or kitchen or even leave small ponds in your yard. However, the majority of leaks in your home are much less obvious. These occur behind the walls or underground in a variety of small drips between pipe joints and even small fractures in your water main or drain pipes. If these leaks are occurring in your home it is important to look for jumps in water meter readings. Checking the water meter reading is simple. To check for water loss, record the reading at the same time every day and see how it fluctuates – if it is only slightly different then there is no problem. To test for a leak, try turning off all the fixtures in your home and look for the meter to move. If the meter moves despite no one using water in the home then it is a sign of a leak.

Locating Leaks

To find out whether the leak is occurring within or outside your home, follow some of the same steps as before. In this test, make note of your water meter reading and then shut off the home water valve completely; this should turn off all the water in your home. Wait for about 20 minutes and see if the water meter is still moving, if so then it may be signs of an irrigation leak outdoors.

Indoor leak detection should be done by a leak detection expert, but there are a few simple signs to look for that will help save you money in the long run. Complete a monthly self-check for your plumbing for the following:

  • Water corrosion and build up along fixtures

  • Water discoloration

  • Slow drains or clogging

  • Strange and unpleasant odors

  • Slow flow in running water

If you notice any of these signs in your home’s plumbing system then get a leak detection expert to inspect and diagnose for water leaks. According to the American Water Works Association, the average American household uses up to 250 gallons each day and loses about 14 percent due to leakage. The Environmental Protection Agency states that the amount of water leaked from U.S. homes could exceed more than 1 trillion gallons annually, so it is important to take action and repair leaks as soon as possible.

Professional leak detection in Los Angeles utilizes a combination of trenchless technologies that are affordable and with minimal digging or costly destruction. Most importantly, our solutions are most effective when completed as soon as water leak signs are treated. Act sooner rather than later and you will not regret it. Call on leak detection experts in Los Angeles to help solve all your plumbing problems.

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