Three Drain Cleaning Solutions Your Plumbing Needs Before Summer

Summer is almost here and Los Angeles homeowners are searching for the best ways to keep cool from the heat. While hitting the beach may be your solution to beat the heat, there are still plumbing chores to attend to. Get an early start before summer leaves you begging for help unclogging your drains. Fortunately, your respected and experienced plumbing contractors are here to help you improve the flow in your plumbing system and apply the best drain cleaning solutions before summer.

There are many reasons why your drains need professional drain cleaning solutions in Los Angeles. Whether it is removing unwanted hair from your shower drains or removing unwanted tree roots from your sewer line, you will want the work of a plumbing contractor who is experienced in multiple drain cleaning solutions. Here are the top three drain cleaning solutions that bring your plumbing back to great shape.

Mechanized Snakes

These days the normal handyman can use a hand-driven drain snake. However, not everyone is experienced or strong enough to crank a snake through their clogged pipes. Professional plumbing contractors utilized high-powered drain snakes that cut through any clogged drain. These mechanized snakes bring a lot more power to the unclogging solution. They can also be fitted with interchangeable fixtures that are perfectly flexible to conquer any clog. This combination of strength and flexibility allows the plumbing contractor to release drain clogs better than any regular drain snake.

Hydro Jetting

This drain cleaning solution is like no other technology that focuses on high-pressure water to blast through clogs of any kind. It is extremely efficient in clearing severely clogged drains, but must only be operated from a trained plumbing contractor to safely clear out chemicals, hair, food particles or tree roots.

Removing The Pipe

In certain cases, it is simpler for a Los Angeles plumbing contractor to remove the affected section of the pipe to clean it out properly and restore it to its original position. First, we will inspect the contents of the pipe with a special video camera to pinpoint the clog. Then we remove the pipe from the section in the plumbing system. Finally, we will clean it out or replace the pipe without any struggle or difficulty.

We would not recommend you use commercial household drain cleaning liquids that claim to clear up any clog. According to the Organic Consumers Association, chemical liquid drain cleaners contain corrosive ingredients such as sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite (bleach) that permanently burn a user’s skin and eyes. When clogs or stoppage occur in your household drains, count on an experienced plumbing contractor to safely remove the blockage without causing harm to you or your plumbing system.

Call our expert plumbing contractors to serve you with the best drain cleaning solution to remove any and all blockage. We only utilize the safest and cost-saving methods that are friendly for every Los Angeles household. Call Nautilus Plumbing service for immediate drain cleaning results.

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