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3 Common Causes of Sprinkler Damage

Damaged Sprinkler

In the summer, sprinklers take on special importance. In the hot Southern California sun, your lawn can get damaged pretty quickly if they are not well hydrated. However, your sprinklers can’t water the lawn effectively if it’s broken! In this blog, we explain the common ways sprinklers get damaged and how you can identify the problem.

Damaged Lines

Sprinklers typically carry water in small lines underneath the soil. While they are typically protected there, occasionally they can be damaged and a leak can form. Commonly, this happens when an animal digs it up, or tree roots grow and try to get the water inside the line. Additionally, constant soil compaction above the line can cause damage. Make sure your child isn’t jumping on one spot on the lawn for example.

Damaged Valves

The valves on your sprinkler head open and close the system so it can water. Occasionally, small stones or other debris can prevent the valve from closing fully. In this situation, the sprinkler may continue to run even after your system should shut off.

Burst Pipes

A burst pipe under your lawn will cause the soil to become water-logged and full of puddles. This situation occurs most often when soil freezes and breaks the pipe, but it can occasionally happen during the summer. Events like an earthquake could potentially cause a burst pipe for example.

We hope your sprinklers last the whole summer, but if not, the pros at Nautilus have your back and are ready to help!

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