Why Hard Water is So Bad in LA County and What You Can Do About It!

Hard Water

What Is Hard Water?

Hard water is a major plumbing problem, but many people don’t even realize what it is. Hard water is simply water with a high level of calcium and other mineral deposits.These minerals aren’t dangerous to drink, however, they do present some other issues that we’ll explain later in this blog.

Hard water is so prevalent because of the geological history of the U.S. Ancient seabeds left soft stone deposits all across the continent. That translates to a chalky residue left behind in our modern plumbing systems. You can tell if you have hard water by simply pouring a glass and checking for a chalky color or any particles in it. If you’re not sure, keep reading and see if any of the other symptoms of hard water are present in your home.

Should I Be Worried About Hard Water?

As we mentioned above, hard water isn’t dangerous to your health. Some studies even show that the minerals in hard water are beneficial to your diet. However, the problems associated with hard water outweigh any fringe health benefits. We’ll explain the major ones.

Dry Skin

Hard water is full of minerals and particles. While you can drink the water just fine, when you use it to wash yourself it can dry out your skin. In a shower, those particles are repeatedly hitting your skin at a decently high speed. It can strip your skin of natural moisturizing oils. Additionally, you may have issues with lathering soap and shampoo.


In the same way hard water can damage your skin, your clothing could be affected. Doing laundry with hard water can cause your clothing to become rough and crinkly, as well as lose its color.

Long-Term Plumbing Problems

Those minerals can also damage your plumbing over the long-term. Those mineral deposits can stay in your pipes and functionally shrink the diameter of your pipes. That process can impact your water pressure and make clogs more likely to occur.

Chalky deposits from hard water can leave residue on your dishes, cups or your sink. This can be frustrating when you’re trying to clean your dishes and you can’t get rid of those troublesome chalk deposits.

Is There a Way to Fix It?

Hard water causes all of these problems, but there is a way to fix it. Filtration devices called water softeners are specifically designed to take the minerals out of your water. You can install a small system underneath your sink or set one up for your entire home.

A whole-home unit is naturally more expensive, but it will eliminate every problem that hard water causes. You’ll have every single appliance receiving soft water. Your clothes won’t lose their softness or color. You won’t have to deal with or worry about the chalky taste of water.

Our local pros are happy to install any size water softener in your home. It’ll improve taste and prevent the problems associated with hard water from occurring!

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