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4 Reasons Why Your Drains are Draining Slow


Drains tend to be the source of most plumbing problems. Whether it's sewer backups, more basic clogs, or leaks, your drains are a total headache when they aren't working how you need them to. Our pros are here to help fix any issues your sewer system might have, but it can be tough to diagnose plumbing difficulties for the average homeowner.

We want to clarify some of that confusion and explain four primary reasons why your drains might be slow and how we can solve them.

1. Mineral Buildup

One plumbing problem that is almost impossible to prevent without specific tools is mineral buildup. Most water sources throughout the U.S. are filled with minerals like calcium and magnesium due to the unique geological history of North America. There isn't much we can do about this without treating the water with water softeners or performing preventative hydro jetting to prevent buildup in your pipes. Luckily, these are both services Nautilus Plumbing provides!

When minerals are allowed to accumulate unchecked in your pipes, it can effectively narrow the tube and decrease the amount of water allowed. This is why it can cause slow drainage. Additionally, mineral buildup can make clogs more likely to form.

2. Clogs

Speaking of clogs, those happen all the time and can slow your drain even when they don't entirely stop them. Clogged drains can happen for a variety of reasons. Typically, improperly using your drains is a leading cause. Make sure you aren't accidentally putting grease and fat down your garbage disposal. In your bathroom, hair, dirt, and soap residue can also create clogs.

No matter how these clogs end up forming, it's vital that you do not use commercial drain cleaners to solve them. Commercial cleaners are dangerous and terrible for the environment and your plumbing. It's best to call your local plumbing pros who can clear out the clog safely and efficiently.

3. Tree Roots

Tree roots are surprisingly resilient in their search for water. They can easily breach pipes and siphon off some of your water. This wouldn't be too much of a problem if tree roots didn't also cause blockages.

Tree root blockages are one of the most challenging plumbing problems to fix. We utilize special motorized tools to cut through tree roots far down your sewer system. Unfortunately, there's not much the average homeowner can do if you have a tree root problem, but we're here to help!

4. Vent Pipes

Ventilation is a vital but often overlooked aspect of plumbing. Your pipes use air pressure to keep the system equalized, and it helps contain smells as well. If you have a leak or water displacement issue that impacts your ventilation pipes, your system may drain slowly. These most often connect to the outside of your building for cleanliness and ease, so clogs can form from debris falling down these pipes.


If you have a slow drain, we're here to help. Keep in mind that multiple slow drains are signs of more extensive damage like a tree root infestation or mineral buildup, while localized drain issues are a sign that you may only need work in one spot.

Nautilus Plumbing, are Los Angeles, CA plumbing pros who are ready to help you clear any stubborn clogs from your drains and restore them to normal. Whether it's an extensive tree root issue or a common clog, we can solve it! Give us a call at (323) 629-4627 or fill out an online contact form to set up an appointment to meet any of your plumbing needs.