What to Do After a Pipe Bursts in Your Home

Burst Pipe

In plumbing, everything works until it doesn’t. While maintenance and good habits can give your plumbing a much-needed boost, sometimes things go wrong in a catastrophic way and it is a definitive emergency! Here what you should do if you have a burst pipe in your home!

What to Immediately

In any emergency, you have to act quickly, yet smart. If you have a plan, you can execute it quickly and in this case, limit water damage from the burst pipe.

The first step is to immediately turn off your main water supply. Even when a small leak happens, there’s no guarantee you can fix it with water spilling out of it, and odds are you will simply make it worse! Just turn off all the water in your home and go from there!

The difficulty with this is that there is no one standardized place for your water supply valve. Instead, each home is different. Make sure you know where the valve is in your home.

Secondly, call your local plumbing pros at Nautilus. We’re here to help get you through it and we have the experience to do so.

Lastly, consider prepping your home for us to come in. If the flooding is immense, shut off the electricity to avoid any shocking issues later on. You may want to grab some towels to limit the spread of the water. These can save time and make the area safer so that we can get the job done faster.

Emergencies can be scary, but if you have a plan you can limit the damage

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