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How to Fix a Dripping Showerhead


Stop Water Waste At The Source

Leaky showerheads can be a drain on your wallet if you let the leak persist for too long. A few drops of water spilled in the bathroom is one thing, but a consistent leaky showerhead can waste a significant amount of water — leading to a hefty water bill.

Here are a few tips on how to deal with a leaky showerhead in your bathroom.

Assess The Situation

Make sure your shower is off, this seems obvious, but you would be surprised. After unscrewing and detaching your showerhead inspect the damage behind the scenes. Often your showerhead simply needs a good cleaning! Excess build-up of grime, dirt and other gunk can put a strain on your showerhead leading to some leaks.

Luckily for you, the fix for a dirty showerhead is simple. Make sure to keep track of all the pieces to your showerhead and soak them in vinegar. After about 30 minutes to an hour, for most cases, you can wipe down your showerhead and see if the leak is fixed. Remember to also get a good scrub around the crevices to get rid of any potential bacteria build-up.

Check On Parts

If your showerhead is clean but you still notice a leak, you may have issues with your o-ring. The o-ring is that small rubber piece you may have seen behind your showerhead when you unscrewed it from its fixture. A worn-out or improperly installed o-ring can lead to leaks due to a lack of a seal made.

To replace an o-ring, all you need to do is buy a replacement washer that matches the diameter of your old o-ring and push down the new o-ring where the old one was housed.

More Complex Routes

Sometimes the issue with your showerhead can be connected to a problem with your faucet or even plumbing. When it comes to these issues, a simple o-ring replacement or cleaning will not stop the root of the leak. What you can do is call one of our professionals to help get to the bottom of your leaky showerhead.

At Nautilus Plumbing we know how expensive leaks can be, so call us at (323) 629-4627, and we will happily stop that leak to save you money!