Choosing the Right Showerhead For You


Getting The Most Out Of Your Shower

Just because specific showerheads may be the norm, don’t think you have to be stuck with only choosing a wall-mounted showerhead. The world is your oyster when it comes to showerhead variety to suit your needs. Well, the world is more like your shower in this analogy. Look, we’re better at plumbing than we are at thinking of poetic metaphors. If you were planning on remodeling your bathroom and were curious about getting a new showerhead, here are a few types you can find and install.

Wall-Mounted Showerheads

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Wall-mounted showerheads are your most common showerheads that have a simple fixture to adjust the angle of the showerhead. Some wall-mounted showerheads may have alternate spray modes for water, but what this type of showerhead lacks in frills makes up for in reliability.

Ceiling Mount Showerheads

As the name suggests, a ceiling mount showerhead is typically installed on the shower ceiling to create a cascading spray effect.

Hand-Held Showerheads

While you can leave your hand-held showerhead mounted like a traditional wall mount, you can also remove it from its fixture for accessibility. Hand-held mounts can offer great flexibility for those who want standard showerheads and may live in a home where others wish to have the accessibility to point the showerhead wherever they want.

Shower Panels

While shower panels don’t look like your traditional showerheads, they offer quite a relaxing experience with many customization options. Shower panels can be arranged to have water spray at varying heights and work in conjunction with other showerheads. Think of shower panels like bringing a spa to your home.

Sliding Bar Showerhead

Showerhead height is essential with many people living in the same home. What may be the best height for you might not be the best for your roommate. A sliding bar is a wall-mounted unit with an easily adjustable height to accommodate multiple preferences.

Water Pressure And Your Energy Bill

You have variety when it comes to showerheads, but keep in mind that not every showerhead may fit your budget. While it can be nice to install shower panels, the installation can be seamless. However, the energy bill can stack up since shower panels can require a lot of water pressure. Make sure to check the water pressure requirements of your showerhead ahead of time to avoid a costly bill later on. Choosing the right showerhead can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

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