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Say No to Clogs When Using the Dishwasher in Warm Weather

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4 Tips to Avoid Clogs in Your Dishwasher

Having a dishwasher at home is convenient, as it saves time and helps keep the kitchen clean. However, clogs in the dishwasher can often be a frustrating issue to deal with. Nobody wants to deal with dirty dishes that are not completely clean due to clogs in the dishwasher.

If you are dealing with dishwasher clogs, you know how much of a hassle it can be. Thankfully, you can avoid clogs and prevent them from happening. Here are some tips to help you avoid clogs in your dishwasher:

1. Pre-Clean Your Dishes

One of the best ways to prevent clogs in your dishwasher is to pre-clean your dishes. Before placing them in the dishwasher, you should scrape away any food or debris from the dish into a trash can. Pre-cleaning reduces the food in the dishwasher, lessening the chances of clogs forming.

2. Clean the Filter

The filter in your dishwasher plays an essential role in keeping your dishwasher free from clogs. It filters out food particles and debris from the dishwasher, preventing them from getting into the drain. If your dishwasher filter gets clogged, it can cause water to back up, leading to clogs and leaks. To prevent this, you should regularly remove the filter from your dishwasher and clean it out.

3. Run the Garbage Disposal

Before you start your dishwasher, make sure to run your garbage disposal first. Turning on the garbage disposal helps to break up any large food particles stuck in the drain. If you don’t run your garbage disposal, these large food particles can get into the dishwasher drain and cause clogs.

4. Use a Dishwasher Cleaner

Using a dishwasher cleaner can help keep your dishwasher free from clogs by breaking down built-up residue and soap scum in the dishwasher. There are different types of dishwasher cleaners out there, so make sure to choose one that’s right for your dishwasher.

Preventing Clogs

There are different ways to prevent clogs in your dishwasher. Following these tips can reduce the likelihood of clogs forming and keep your dishwasher running smoothly.

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