These Are the Most Neglected Home Maintenance Problems

Being a homeowner requires a commitment to home maintenance services. Along with the benefit of not having to rent and being able to do what you please with your property, you must be prepared for the repairs you’ll inevitably need to do. Most first-time buyers tend to focus on the look of a home and increasing its value by design. However, your home is a reflection of you. Keeping it properly maintained is just as important to decreasing your stress and keeping you and your family safe and happy. Here is a list of some common neglected home maintenance services and how to deal with them.

A house being painted mustard yellow with a red roof. There is a ladder in front of the house and painting equipment on the ground.

The Roof

Many people forget all about the roof. It is perhaps one of the most important factors in maintaining a functioning home. Roofs keep you safe from rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. They are the cap on a shelter, providing a safe space to live. When inspecting your roof, look for missing or damaged shingles, any severe weather wear, and debris that may have collected over time. If left alone, these minor issues can become much bigger, causing severe damage and mold.

For example, algae can often collect on your roof and eat away at your shingles. You’ll be able to notice algae build up by looking for any black streaks on your roof. When algae go to work, it breaks down the supportive functions of your shingles and eventually causes your roof to rot. You can remove algae yourself by mixing bleach, detergent, and hot water and spraying it onto your roof. Better yet, hire a professional who can clean it off for you. In any case, don’t let your roof go unattended.


Gutters are one of the home maintenance services that people seem to ignore. When water rolls off the roof, it’s important for it to be disposed of away from the foundation of the home. This helps reduce the risk of damage being done to the foundation. Be sure to check that your gutters are functioning properly and moving the water up and away from possibly corroding the bedrock of your home.

Small Cracks And Holes

A small crack or hole in the wall or foundation of your home can seem like a tiny issue, but it can quickly become a much larger headache if rodents and insects find their way through. Mice, especially, can end up finding their way through the walls, chewing away from the insulation and your home’s foundation.

Windows are another important part of the home to check in regards to cracks and holes. Sliding windows tend to naturally have holes on the exterior bottom of the frame in order to help drain rainwater properly. These holes, however, can easily become blocked with insects and other debris if it isn’t properly cleaned. If these holes become blocked, the water isn’t properly drained from the bottom channel and can then spill into your home. You can easily test this system by spraying the outside of the window with a garden hose. If water spills into your home, then clean out these window holes by spraying the area with compressed air or dig out the debris with a small wire.

Water Heater

Most people forget all about water heater maintenance until they’re forced to take a cold shower. To avoid this from happening or to prevent any sort of leak, be sure to drain a little bit of water from your water heater every year. This will help remove any sediment that naturally collects at the bottom of the tank.


Drains can easily become slightly clogged over time if they aren’t properly cared for. When this happens, it can cause water to flow much more slowly or not at all from drains. In order to fix this problem, it’s highly recommended that you clean them with a hydro-jetting high-pressure system. This system uses high-pressure water to get rid of any contaminants living in your drains and thus unclogs them altogether.

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